Free eBooks for eBay Business

1. Understanding the Basics of Selling

There are many keys to success as a FoundValue eSpecialist – but the most important is “working smart”. This first e-book of the Training Program covers the basics of the eBay Marketplace, how to research items and how to search eBay using the ValueFinder. You’ll also learn how to identify items that sell well on eBay, how to estimate their current value, and how to choose the right pricing strategy for a listing.

Understanding the Basics of Selling

2. Market Yourself Professionally

Marketing yourself and your business are key to your success. This second e-book of the Training Program introduces you to the basic principles of relationship marketing, provides several creative marketing techniques, and covers guidelines for essential customer service.

Market Yourself Professionally

3. Create Merchandise Listings That Sell

There are proven techniques for writing an auction listing that will improve sales and final price of your items. This third e-book of the Training Program covers every aspect of creating a listing, including how to write a title and description, how to take photos that sell, and how to optimize your listings on eBay. You’ll also be introduced to FoundValue’s Listing Template.

Create Merchandise Listings That Sell

4. Completing the Sale Successfully

What happens once your item has sold on eBay? This fourth e-book of the Training Program shows you how to make completing your sales quick, efficient and profitable. There’s lots of time-saving tips regarding how to pack & ship, how to earn a great seller reputation, and learn what to do when things don’t go according to plan.

Completing the Sale Successfully

PixResizer: Photo Formatting Guide

Resizing photos can be a challenge if you don't fully understand your camera settings and don't want to spend time looking through your manual. This step-by-step guide recommends to use a free software program that will help you resize images without the hassle of understanding your camera settings.

PixResizer: Photo Formatting Guide

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