Free Online Tutorials for eBay Business

These free tutorials reinforce and add to the training program content covered in the free eBooks. You must have the Flash plug-in for your browser to view these indexed, searchable programs.

Selling for Clients
This 15-minute program is a companion to ‘Understanding the Basics of Selling’ e-Book and discusses how to research items and how to search eBay using the ValueFinder. You’ll also learn how to identify items that sell well on eBay, how to estimate their current value, and how to choose the right pricing strategy for a listing.

Completing the Sale
This 5-minute program is a companion to 'Completing the Sale Successfully' e-Book with an overview of the packing & Shipping process, how to earn a great seller reputation, and guidelines for what to do when things don't go according to plan.

Promote Your Service
In this site, FoundValue offers a variety of templates and printable files for professional marketing. How do put these tools to work for your business? This 12-minute program introduces you to approaches for promoting your consignment services, and where to start.

Photos that Sell
Need a quick primer on how to take great photos that will get noticed on eBay? Photos that Sell is a 6-minute session will show you the basics for effective photos that help sell your items.

What is 'Buy It Now'?
What is the "Buy It Now" selling option in eBay? This 3-minute session will show you the basic steps to start researching your items.

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