What Items are Worth on eBay

Let FoundValue help you find what your item is really worth before you do decide to list on eBay.

ValueFinder accesses eBay's listings and displays items that have sold in the past 15 days. You use this information to estimate what the current market price is for your item.


Enter keywords or your specific item's brand name. Select a category to narrow ValueFinder's search.

eBay ID and password required
ValueFinder Search Tips:

Use these simple guidelines to speed your searches.

  • ValueFinder Search is not case-sensitive. It doesn’t matter whether you enter “nikon” or “Nikon”.
  • Use specific keywords including brand, date, or color. For example: “nikon coolpix 3100 digital camera”.
  • Don’t use conjunctions (or, and) or articles (a, an, the) in your search unless it is part of a book or movie title. For example: enter “abercrombie fitch” rather than “abercrombie and fitch” to return many more results.
  • To re-sort by price, choose ‘highest prices first’ from the pull-down. Now you’re at the heart of the matter.
Keyword Search Modifiers:

Use these advanced commands for more accurate results.

Quotes around a word (“,”)
--Limits search to the exact phrase inside the quotes
Example: “American Staffordshire” yields auctions only relating to this breed of dog

Asterisk in a word (*)
--Works like a wild card in poker
Example: “196* fashion” brings up auctions that relate to 1960s fashion

Minus sign (-)
--Excludes words
Example: “Watch –digital” gets you an analog watch

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