What Sells

What can sell online? What will sell best? What won't?

There's an online market value for almost anything found in your home or business: from electronics to sports equipment, clothing to antiques, one-of-a kind oddities to rare collectibles, top-of-the-line treasures to old magazines.

What Sells

Think that old camera found on the shelf in the basement is worthless?

It may be exactly what a collector is looking for.

People buy everything imaginable — and then some.

Every person, every business, every organization — has something, some "found value", that they can sell on eBay or online.

eBay has estimated that most people have about $1,000 worth of value in their unused goods taking up space or gathering dust.

The longer you've been collecting possessions or the bigger your organization, the bigger the value potential! Take a look around you, open a few doors and drawers, or browse through items sold in the past through FoundValue to get ideas of what can sell.

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