What Sells: Diecast Cars & Vehicles

Diecast cars and other vehicles are very popular with collectors, many of whom played with similar cars as children. Racecars and exotic sports cars aren’t the only diecast vehicles out there; trucks, buses, planes, trains and ships are also popular.

Diecast vehicles come in different scales from 1:10 to 1:200. Older models tend to be more valuable, but this isn’t always the case.

What Sells

Top-selling brands include:
Research Resources

The following websites contain photos, price guides and other information that will help you identify and describe items:








Look for these signs of wear and tear:

  • Torn, creased or dog-eared cardboard backing or boxes
  • Cracked, warped or yellowed/discolored plastic
  • Scratches, scuffs, missing paint and parts on cars
  • Rust
  • Obvious signs of repackaging (tape, glue, staples, etc.)

Many cars are worth much more if they’re still in their factory-sealed packaging, although some are valuable even if they’ve been removed and played with.

Key Details

Include these details in your listing:
  • Brand
  • Model name/number (or year, make and model of vehicle)
  • Scale
  • Color
  • Age (if known)
  • Condition (mint on card, mint in box, etc)
  • Grade

Professional grading can increase the final sales price. Diecast Grading Services will grade Hot Wheels, Matchbox and other vehicles (up to 4” long). Visit the website at http://diecastgradingservice.com/.

Storage and Shipping

Keep diecast vehicles in their original packaging in a well-ventilated room, away from children, pets, smoke and cooking odors. Don’t place items in direct sunlight or next to heating vents or air conditioners either, since the temperature and humidity changes can cause damage.

Wrap each item individually in plastic to protect it from moisture, bubble wrap it and place it in a sturdy box in a bed of packing peanuts for shipment to the buyer.

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