What Sells: Steiff Bears & Stuffed Animals

Pricey bears by German manufacturer Steiff dominate the plush animal collectors market, though some vintage animals also do well.

What Sells

Top-selling brands include:
  • Steiff
  • Vintage and antique animals (pre-1970)
Research Resources

The following websites have photos and detailed information that can help you identify and describe your items:









Look for these signs of wear and tear:

  • Ripped or worn fur
  • Loose threads and weak seas
  • Exposed or missing stuffing
  • Scratches on glass and plastic parts (e.g., eyes)
  • Dirt, stains and markings
  • Odors (smoke, musty smells)
  • Torn or missing tags

Don’t try to clean a stuffed animal, since this could damage the item or lower the value. Just describe its condition accurately and let the buyer decide whether or not to clean it.

Key Details

Include these details in your listing:
  • Brand
  • Name (if known)
  • Type of animal
  • Size (in inches)
  • Age (if known)
  • Material (mohair, felt, etc.)
  • Accessories (e.g., clothing)
  • Other descriptive details (e.g., “monkey on roller skates,” “pink bear w/rubber face”)
  • Certificate of Authenticity (if included)
  • Packaging (e.g., New in Box)

Steiff animals have a button sewn in the ear; this is one of the keys to authenticating the item.

Storage and Shipping

Keep stuffed animals in a well-ventilated room, away from children, pets, smoke and cooking odors. Don’t place items in direct sunlight or next to heating vents or air conditioners either, since temperature and humidity changes can cause damage.

Wrap each item individually in plastic to protect it from moisture, bubble wrap it and place it in a sturdy box for shipment to the buyer.

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